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UPDATED: 9/12/2010: Video Updated – Shows New User Interface.

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PerformancePoint has several areas that could use enhancements. One of these areas is “URL Parameterization”. This term means that an application has the capability to accept a URL that contain parameters. The parameters can be passed via the URL from one program to another – i.e.: from a SSRS report to a PerformancePoint dashboard with a filter. The dashboard filter can then use the parameters in the URL to call a particular record or search result set based on the URL parameters. One or more parameters should be able to be passed to each filter based on the URL.

An example of “URL Parameterization” can be seen below. This is an SSRS report that contains a link that builds a dynamic URL. When the user selects the link, the parameter “Cindy Sai” gets embedded into the dynamically created URL. The report then executes the link based on the user’s selection.

Parameterized Report
Report with Dynamic URLs

The browser opens up the dynamic URL. Note the passing of the parameter shown below. The dashboard filter can then select the record based on the parameter passed.

URL Parameterization
URL Parameters passed to PerformancePoint Text Search Filter

Here is this concept in action based on the Adventure Works database. Video Updated on 9/12/2010.

Since a PerformancePoint dashboard can contain more than one filter on a page, you should be able to name each filter. Each named filter can then receive the same or different parameters. This concept makes your dashboards more integrated into other applications and allows the users to get right to the data they need based on previous selections.

If you would like to see more about a custom text filter for PerformancePoint, go to FUTURESULTS, LLC and browse the BI section.

What are your thoughts around PerformancePoint 2007 Text Filter “URL Parameterization”? Do you need it?

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