PerformancePoint Text Search Filter – Multiple Selection Criteria

This is part of a series about the PerformancePoint Text Search Filter.  This article focuses on the multi-selection capabilities of the filter.  Other features include Text Search, URL Parameterization, and Configuration.  For purchasing information for this filter, please go to .

The PerformancePoint Text Search Filter is highly configurable.  It can be configured to allow for multiple search criteria and have one or many output columns to help you select the proper item.

In the example below, I can use different search criteria to help me build a results list.  In this case the results list contains “A Great Bicycle Company”, “Great Bicycle Supply”, and “Great Bikes”.  These items were found using various search criteria in the search filter.  As each item was selected, it was put into the multi-select search results displayed on the left hand side of the filter.


The same filter can also be configured to look like a simple drop-down.  In this mode, you can use multiple filter criteria to help you build your “Selections”.  Note below the three Reseller “Selections” in this example are “Acceptable Sales & Service”, “Basic Bike Company”, and “A Great Bicycle Company”.  These results were found by filtering my list of results, using the controls built into the filter for navigation, and simply selecting an item in the “Reseller” list.


To see these examples in action, watch the video below.

Multi-Select – Two Examples

If you would like to know more about a Text Search Filter for PerformancePoint, go to FUTURESULTS, LLC and browse the BI section.

What are your thoughts about a Text Search Filter for PerformancePoint 2007?  Do you need a 2010 version?  Are there other features that you need?  How about URL Parameterization?

FUTURESULTS, LLC Blog and FUTURESULTS, LLC Website are both created by Robert Lambrecht.

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