FUTURESULTS Inaugural Blog Entry – Everyone has to have one.

I have started my own company FUTURESULTS, LLC.  I will be migrating the content from my current blog (Hotfixes for Microsoft) to the FUTURESULTS, LLC Blog.  Also, my web site has changed from (Service Packs for Microsoft @ RobertLambrecht.com) to FUTURESULTS, LLC (http://www.futuresults.com).
The ideas haven’t fundamentally changed.  The blog and web site are still devoted to providing examples for enhancements to existing (and Beta) Microsoft products.  The examples illustrate ideas that can be physically demonstrated.  Examples for products may include descriptions, videos, presentations, code, etc.  Really the idea is to provide Microsoft an independent source of good ideas that they can review for future product enhancements.  It could also become a market place for products that extend Microsoft platform capabilities.
Do you have a great idea that you would like to see incorporated into your favorite Microsoft product?  If you do, submit the suggestion to the FUTURESULTS, LLC Blog for consideration.  The ideas are reviewed to ensure that there is enough information to generate enhancement discussion by others.
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